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AllMusic: Seth Mosley


Manager: Bryan Coleman & Carter Hammond

The first record Seth Mosley ever bought was 1996’s Take Me To Your Leader by Newsboys. Fast forward nearly a decade-and-a-half, and the Ohio-native experienced a full circle moment when he was asked to produce Newsboys’ Born Again. The project proved to be a career-defining release for both the band and Mosley, whose songwriting and production career was about to take off.

Today, as the head of the aptly named full-service production company Full Circle Music, Mosley and his team—which includes Mike “X” O’Connor, Jerricho Scroggins and Brad Rempel—write and produce an average of 150 songs each year. Since its inception in 2010, Full Circle Music has worked with everyone from TobyMac, Mat Kearney, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot) and, of course, Newsboys to country acts like High Valley, Ricky Skaggs and more. In addition, Mosley’s team has contributed to 20 No. 1 chart-topping hits, including “Fix My Eyes” (for KING & COUNTRY), “He Knows My Name” (Francesca Battistelli) and “Feel Invincible” (Skillet), among others.

Mosley has been named Billboard’s No. 1 Christian Producer of the Year (2013) and SESAC’s Songwriter of the Year (2014). In 2015, he earned a GRAMMY® for his production work on for KING & COUNTRY’s Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. Moreover, Mosley swept the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards that same year, winning four of the five categories for which he was nominated, including the prestigious awards for Songwriter of the Year (Non-Artist) and Producer of the Year. Mosley and his team received five additional Dove Award nominations in 2016.

All of these impressive accolades feel far removed from the young boy who grew up in the small town of Circleville, Ohio, listening to Christian music and attending Christian concerts. Mosley was always fascinated with the production side of music and often recorded his friends’ bands in his homemade studio in the basement of his childhood home. After high school, he began working full-time for a producer in Columbus, where he learned the nuts and bolts of production. “Talk about eating, sleeping, breathing it—it was totally that experience,” Mosley recalls.

After more than a year as a production apprentice, Mosley got bitten by the artist bug and started a band called Me In Motion that soon scored a label deal with Word Records and eventually Centricity Music. Me In Motion played 150 dates a year, often booking their own tours. “It was really good experience for where I’m at today with being able to relate to artists and being able to empathize with where they’re coming from,” Mosley offers. “I understand when I’m writing with an artist or producing a record for an artist that they’re actually going to be the ones going out and doing all the hard work for it.”

The bright lights and the grueling pace of the artist life were not for Mosley. In the middle of his four-year stint with Me In Motion, he began taking on writing and producing duties for other bands, increasingly finding himself drawn to more behind-the-scenes work. After performing at a Christian festival in Sweeden, Mosley met his future wife; and when they decided to get married, he knew it was time to make a definitive decision about his career path. When the band’s van broke down during a snowstorm in middle-of-nowhere Iowa for the umpteenth time, Mosley saw it as the neon sign he needed to finally call it quits.

“When we finally got back to Nashville, we had the option of buying another van and keeping this thing going, or we could just write it off and cut our losses. That’s what we ended up doing,” Mosley shares. “I feel like the day I did that, the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders… I just knew I was 100 percent focused on the production and songwriting thing. I feel like from there, once you make those kind of decisions and really focus on something, it pays off.”

Mosley initially began writing and producing on his own, yet he quickly realized he needed—and, most importantly, wanted—a team of people to collaborate with on a regular basis. Gradually assembling a strong team of expert writers, producers, engineers, mixers and musicians, Full Circle Music was born.

“Our town is full of the most talented people in the world and people who want to be working; and they want to be creating and collaborating together,” Mosley contends. “I found it’s just much more fun to do things that way—whether it’s co-writing or working on records with a team. It’s the only way I know how to do it now.”

This collaborative spirit has led Mosley to expand his company. In addition to the artists and labels they service through Full Circle Music, the creative team also serves songwriters through Songs for FCM Publishing in partnership with Kobalt Music Publishing Global; aspiring artists, songwriters and producers through Full Circle Academy and its semi-annual Bootcamp in Franklin, Tenn.; and both prospective and current music industry professionals through the Full Circle Music Show, a weekly podcast that finds Mosley interviewing some of the music industry’s most successful power players. Intent on mentoring the next generation, Full Circle Music also facilitates a well-respected internship program from their studio in Franklin, Tenn. All of their various offshoots operate under a common overarching umbrella of servanthood.

“We’re very intentional about every single artist we work with,” Mosley shares. “Our mentality is always, ‘How do we serve?’ We go into every situation not looking for what we’re going to get out of it but what we can give. Usually, we wind up getting a lot more out of it than we ever imagine we would… The academy, the podcast, the bootcamp, the publishing company—it’s all just different ways of serving.”

Though he wears many hats, Mosley is a songwriter at heart. While Full Circle Music has its imprint on a variety of diverse projects at any given time, he says it’s songwriting that drives everything forward and yields the most personally satisfying reward at the end of the day. “I love that we get to work on Skillet, and then we’re doing a country record at the same time and a worship thing with Bethel the next week. It’s all over the spectrum; but to me, it’s all music,” Mosley maintains. “I think the commonality is good songs. Regardless of what the genre is, the songs have to be good, and I think that’s what we have to offer.”

After all, Mosley’s witnessed the transformative power of a song first-hand, and that’s what motivates, inspires and, ultimately, fuels the heartbeat behind Full Circle Music. “It’s always really rewarding to hear stories from people who have been changed or impacted by a song that I was a part of… I think we’re giving people a soundtrack. These songs become landmarks for people,” Mosley observes, adding, “I love being attached to songs and music that have a purpose and are making an impact on people’s lives.”